The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Bookkeeper

With online programs and software programs like Sage and Quickbooks out there, it is certainly possible for you to manage your business’s bookkeeping duties on your own. After all, professional bookkeepers cost money and if you do the books yourself you will be saving that money, right? This is not always the case. There are many benefits to hiring a professional bookkeeper to manage your company’s financial accounts, some of which involve saving money. Here are a few advantages to choosing a professional bookkeeper:

Accurate financial records are absolutely essential to avoiding problems with the CRA. A qualified professional bookkeeper will be able to ensure that all of your business’s records are accurate and true. This will not only help prevent CRA tax audits, but if they do happen the company will be armed to defend themselves. If you do your own bookkeeping how will you be sure that everything is 100% accurate?

2.More efficient use of your time
It takes the average small business owner more than 10 hours a week to manage their own bookkeeping duties. Is this time that could be better spent on manage other aspects of the business? It could just be 10 hours a week that you get to spend outside of the office. If you are a small business owner then your time is probably precious to you. Hiring a professional bookkeeper will give you more time to manage, expand or ignore your business.

3.Money saving exemptions
A qualified professional bookkeeper understands the various tax exemptions for your business’s industry, which can end up saving your business more money during tax time.

4.More cash flow
A good bookkeeper makes the business more efficient financially. They should be able to find ways to improve the business’s cash flow situation. This in turn will free up more cash for other aspects of the business.

5.Preparation for the future
If you ever plan on expanding your business or seeing reach its future goals, then you must have a detailed and accurate picture of its current financial standing. This is also true if your business ever wants to receive a loan. Lenders also want to see an accurate financial record of the company before they lend out any money. Accurate bookkeeping allows you to better plan for your company’s future.